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There's no breed quite like a Whippet.  Friendly to all guests and strangers, medium and manageable size, intelligent, don't tend to bark excessively, and they certainly don't mind snoozing the day away with you or going for a run. Whippets become very attached to their families are great with children and other pets. Very easy to house break,  train, and groom. They love nothing more than snuggling in bed with you borrowed under the covers.  They are the perfect balance of lively, lazy, athletic, affectionate, & docile. Statistics (and our experience over the last 20 years) prove that once you own your 1st Whippet, you will never NOT own a Whippet (or 2...or 3...) The Whippet's sweet and versatile personality make them the perfect companion dog for anyone...whether you're a big family, a bachelor, a single mom, college student, an athlete, a professional napper, etc. There's a Whippet out there for everyone!
Why a Whippet?